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40 year old man dating 25 year old woman

In the past if I said this to her she'd have had a meltdown..almost as though she wants me to so it will allow her to as well. Hi, Few different things may be causing her reaction.1/ she's become complacent in the relationship 2/ she feels that she can trust you at this stage in the relationship 3/ she is testing you to see if you in fact will go ahead and interact with this other woman or other women and then may hold you responsible for it later on 4/ she wants to establish more of an open relationship, which will allow her to do the same with a male friend/acquaintance Your intuition may be correct.

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" "babe I miss u" I find myself doing that now and very skeptical of who she's talking to?I get contacted by a fair number of guys in their 20’s and most I don’t respond to because I just feel it won’t go anywhere. But I still feel that maybe it’s a mistake…what do I really have in common with this guy? However, if you’re looking for good, clean (and not-so-clean) fun with a young stallion, you can have an amazing time. However, if you’re looking for good, clean (and not-so-clean) fun with a young stallion, you can have an amazing time. I’m here to observe society and report back to you how things USUALLY work out. And when all my friends would make fun of me and say, “Why would you date an older woman when you could date a younger woman? As far as I’m concerned, every woman is better at 28 than at 23, better at 33 than at 28, and so on. You’re at the home buying, 401K saving, family planning phase of life – for MOST 46-year-olds.Recently, however, I was contacted by a guy in his mid-twenties and I was impressed by his profile…he’s mature, intelligent, articulate and attractive. And for every Demi and Ashton (Celebrities, They’re Just Like Us! ”, I’d say, “Why would you date a younger woman when you can date an older woman? Now, there is a flaw in this system – the biological clock – which is much worse at 38 than at 23. Hey, if you still have the juice to hang with kids, go crazy. Put another way, there’s a very good reason that you don’t see many 25 year old men with 45 year old women.Various factors have to be taken under consideration 1/ your mutual goal of this relationship - what is the next level you want the relationship to go to 2/ how long have you been dating (was she expecting something more at this stage) 3/ how much does the age difference and experience or lack of experience on her part at least play a role.These are all things that the two of you can discuss/go over.Hi I am a 40 year old man dating a woman that is 24 years old, latley she's been showing signs of not careing as much as she did in the past.

I feel as though she's looking for something different, we had a discussion and i asked her if she'd get mad if I went for a coffee with another woman and she responded NO GO AHEAD if she's a friend and needs your help go for it?

I don't know what to do but i am starting to lose my appetite and my mind.

We've had numerous discussions and its starting to frustrate her because I feel like she know's I'm becoming wise to some differences she's been showing... I always think the worst, she used to msg me "hey babe how's your day?

I used to get her coming over all dolled up now she's doing this when she goes to work, I feel like i am not as important and that she's not being honest...

sometimes my gut is telling me that she's wondering about our age gap and maybe someone is showing interest in her.

As they become more comfortable with one another, this behavior decreases if not halts at some point. That is a self generated response based on your internal dialog (what you tell yourself and what you believe) But, not knowing her or her side of the story, these are my speculative explanations to shed some light on what may be going on.