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Adult webcam sites hacking

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Unlike that incident, the new breach does not contain information on users’ sexual preferences, according to one website that saw some of the data.

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Worryingly, the breach is the second suffered by the site in two years after 3.5 million accounts were compromised in 2015.Vigna said that a large portion of the compromised accounts being old and barely active further supported the claim.Info Armor Chief Intelligence Officer Andrew Komarov contended the credentials came from organized attacks on WEB-applications.The biggest tranche was 339 million users of Adult Friend, “the world’s largest sex and swinger community”, with a further 62 million users of webcam site, 7.1 million users of, and 1.4 million users of also lifted.The breach appears to affect not only current users but potentially anyone who has ever signed up to it or its associated network brands in the last two decades.The oldest account was registered in December 2007, 27 percent of compromised accounts were created in 2011, and 73 percent were at least four years or older, researchers wrote.

“We suspect that the accounts were compromised as a result of weak passwords and password re-use, where by passwords obtained from other breaches allowed attackers to gain access to these accounts,” Narang said.

Giovanni Vigna, CTO and co-founder of cybersecurity firm Lastline, told SCMagazine he agreed.

“They might have obtained username/password information from a breached music-exchange service and then simply tried the password combination against Twitter,” he said via emailed comments.

A further problem with SHA-1 and this breach could be the type of “salting” or “peppering” used to defend against rainbow lookups.

Leaked Source seems to have had no difficulty breaking 99% of the hashed passwords, turning up a litany of terrible plain-text choices including the usual “123456”, “password” and “qwerty”.

This is even worse than hackers getting access to your sensitive information like credit card numbers or your work files.