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At one juncture an aide informed him that Jefferson County Circuit Judge Joseph Boohaker wanted to see him. "I'm in the middle of a grand jury." "No," the aide said."You have to come." Carr had never met Boohaker, the presiding civil judge, so he was clueless as to what could be so urgent as to disrupt a grand jury proceeding.

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"Even the attorney general stepped in." The experience inspires the passionate, singular focus Carr brings to his daily efforts in the DA's office.Regina had been assistant principal at Parker High School when Love was a student there.One day during the trial, he walked by Regina and said: "I didn't know that was your son." "I told him to 'Go to hell,'" Regina says.20, 2011 shooting death of 34-year-old John Inusa Dantata, whom they lured .two men convicted after lured through a phone sex chat line; and Marcus Benn, who was found guilty in 2015 of shooting three people and dumping their bodies around town.Just a few days before, the 45-year-old attorney emerged from relative anonymity as Jefferson County Deputy District Attorney to being sworn in last Saturday as District Attorney pro tem, a day after newly elected DA Charles Henderson was indicted on a perjury charge and immediately suspended under Alabama law.

In that moment, with his hand on the Bible, Carr became the first African-American DA in the history of Jefferson County's Birmingham Division - and second in the history of the county.

He chose Miles Law School for both convenience and cost ("I have no loans," he says) and attended while working four nights a week in the probation office overseen by Emanuel Washington.

"He told me never come to work without a pen in my pocket," recalls Carr, who also cites former Circuit 10 civil judge Houston Brown as someone "very, very instrumental in guiding me and steering me along." Carr was still new to the DA's office when the event occurred that, to this day, shapes his personal approach to justice. The voice on the other end said they had kidnapped her youngest son, 18-year-old Jackstin Dannard Hunter, then a Miles freshman, and wanted money. "Your emotions range from disbelief to outrage to helplessness," Carr recalls.

He was raised by a single mother, Regina Carr-Hope, a probation officer before pursuing a career in education.

(She's now Principal of Wenonah High School.) His godfather was also a probation officer and one of his closest male figures, stepfather James Hope, is a retired Birmingham police lieutenant.

After graduating from Jackson/Olin High School, Carr attended Alabama State on a basketball scholarship.