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One of the pictures captured my blond, shoulder-length hair falling over one eye, my lips full and glossy, a tight, low-cut shirt emphasizing my cleavage.I was careful to crop out name tags and anything that could reveal the location in each photo—anything that could identify me.

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“I’m the CEO of a big company,” his message to me read.So Hotwife Hookup has assembled a SOLID list of reputable sites for your hotwife and general adult pleasures!Please bew sure to visit them and let us know what you think!“I seek a connection with a smart, funny, mature, manly, professional man,” I wrote.“You are in your 40s, dark-haired, blue-eyed, tall, fit and attractive.” I posted photos in a “private showcase” that someone could view only if I sent them a “key.” In one photo I was wearing a little black dress at a gala dinner; in another I posed like a ski bunny somewhere in Quebec.A few months after my friend’s confession, I was working at home one weekend while my husband and kids were away at our cottage.

I’d recently started a public relations job on Bay Street, and I had some urgent project deadlines to meet.

My husband had been nothing but supportive of my new job.

He never complained when I got home late, which happened often. Most of them were off-putting, showing close-up photos of men’s erections or, worse, men with what I suspected were their kids and spouses.

She giddily whispered in my ear that she was having an affair with someone she had met on Ashley, the hook-up website targeted at married people.

She pulled out her i Phone and surreptitiously showed me a picture of her paramour.

Once I’d finished, I found myself sitting on my bed, a glass of red wine on my night table, my laptop resting on my thighs and my eyes fixed on the landing page of Ashley Madison, or AM as it’s known to regular users. The site listed dozens of available married men in my general vicinity: Nice Guy Oakville, etobicokedude, Fun_in_Mississauga, Burlington1on1.