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How to perform a very hotsexchat

I do not use it for foreplay, once I start he knows I will finish. I got him so close but before he could finish people came in.We stopped and I started again on the drive home but again we where interrupted by a cop pulling him over for weaving.

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I kiss his neck up to his ear lobes and then slowly move down his body; I take him in my hands and slowly tease him too build things up even more.I would play with him, suck him, let him enter me but never let him complete. And the attention they give you during this period is awesome!I would of course one way or another but after a few days the guys attitude completely changes. This story was sent in my Pamela (name changed for privacy)….You can skip to Chapter 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9 by clicking the numbers.Ever since I first published the Blow Job Guide, I have gotten countless pieces of advice, techniques and tips from readers who have their own stories on how they give their men incredible fellatio. By the way, if you have a helpful tip yourself, please leave it in the comments section below.Sometimes when I get to the tip of his penis, I give it a few seconds of extra attention before starting at the bottom again.

I try to do this “bottom-to-top” motion super slowly, so I draw out his pleasure.

I have practiced this on many guys since but I tell them before, just be patient.

It may take all night, off and on, but at the end you/we will get the reward.

Then when he climaxes, he squeezes my hands extra hard, starts cursing like a bandit and cums in my mouth. A comment from Sue I have a something that I would like to share.

Chapter 4 will teach you more intense ways to give your man a powerful orgasm at the end of your blow job. When my man is feeling a little down, bad day at work or whatever; I always want to show him how much I love him and want to make him feel amazing.

If you have read the other nine chapters of the Blow Job Guide (Chapter 1 is the best place to start), you will have learned everything there is know on giving your man great oral sex.