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Just send in a note saying your child spent 30 minutes on one of these sites. Teaching Grammar within the context of writing seems to be the best practice, but some would argue that grammar skills are being lost because they are no longer being taught as separate skills. These sites offer fun ways to incorporate grammar into your practice at home or tell your English teacher about them. These activates focus on grammar and writing, but reading links and games involving poetry and other genres are available. This particular game is a way for kids to practice their grammar skills by playing a game. It is interactive and has five “button” categories form which to choose. The OWL lab is a tutoring service; so, if you decide to use it an appointment with a consultant is recommended but not required. Simmons bought the rights to this website and you can read all about her and her future plans for the site. 50 points maximum per marking period is allowed if you are using the above sites for extra credit! Using one star – low rating to five star – high rating, rank the websites.

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What is poetry and how does it differ from other forms of literature in structure? Why is it important to learn how to organize a paragraph? – Stay on task while meeting student handbook expectations. Students talk when a classmate, teacher, video or guest is NOT! Use your P-I-E chart to calculate your participation points based on how well you follow these rules when you are in English Skills “LAST” class.The students and parents may have one upon request.Please note that due to circumstances of changed schedules.They may, for example, bring in current event articles to share. It is interactive and run/updated and designed by an ICT (Information and Communication technology) consultant. This website is user friendly catering to ages 2nd grade – 5th grade and all levels of skill. Owl at Purdue has a very good reputation for the quality of its sites and services. You register and practice your grammar and writing skills.These articles should pertain to the topic of the current unit. NEW WEBSITE TO CHECKOUT: CREDIT WILL NOT BE AWARDED TO STUDENTS WITH MISSING ASSIGNMENTS! Here are two websites that offer grammar practice with phrases, clauses and homophones: 3 points extra credit, print Below is also an annotated bibliography showing various websites that kids can use to practice their grammar and writing skills. While none of these are mandatory assignments, practicing does make perfect:) 10 points extra credit for each 30 minutes on the site verified by a parent. There are links to games and activities free of charge. Something Grammar related can be found for all levels here at Fun Online: Guide to grammar and writing is an awesome website with a user friendly way to explore grammar in the context of writing. The games seem to be cater to adapted learning needs and it is a site that offers much variety in terms of the type of review games from which to choose. There are adult course offered through this site and teacher guides and resources as well. Teachers can get handouts and you can post videos through this site. You get 5 points extra credit if you review a site for me!The following structured activities/schedule for both the students and myself is listed here, but don’t be in a hurry.

Tell me to slow down and repeat as necessary so we can practice or try again.

“I” is interference of educational process or not respecting individuality of others.

“E” is not meeting student handbook expectations while in the classroom. I count the signatures and take away one point for each one. CHECK OUT THE HOMEWORK DATES and EXTRA CREDIT OPTIONS BELOW!

You receive a grade from a possible 15-30 points depending on how many days we were in school that month; only September’s PIE needs to be signed by parent or guardian so that all parents are familiar with the rules. All P-I-E charts count toward the class participation grade for this class. Since this is a skills class, it is important that I see the students preform the skills in class. We will practice grammar skills, write often and read DURING class.

If you get too many signatures on a chart someone may just snarl at you!! However, there will be some assignments that require a bit of research. Sometimes a written assignment may need to be finished; this may also result in a rare homework assignment. I have the expectation that assignments be completed since it is rare for me to give them. Monthly Academic Calendar – This post tells a summary of what we are currently doing in class.

The LAST English Skills Tutorial class will only have assigned homework once a month unless classroom workshop time is not utilized correctly. What is really convenient about this site is families, kids or educators can use it.