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This certificate is currently not expired, we haven't checked the revocation status of this certificate but you can do this simply on Count 0) { //Cancels the Item Add action and redirects to error page properties.Error Message = "Error looking for booking conflicts: " ex.I've tried adding this code to Item Added, Item Adding, Item Updating, Item Updated success.The latest error reads: Unable to cast object of type ' Microsoft.In week view and day view you can select a second column to be displayed but in month view for some strange reason this is not possible.

Internal Name; //Get the query string parameters string start_str = properties.

Query = str Query; //Execute the query against the Calendar List SPList Item Collection existing_events = calendar.

This column will be used as a filter so that users can select a specific meeting room view.

Name your view after one of the meeting rooms and add filtering criteria as below.

Count 0) } catch (Exception ex) { //Cancels the Item Add action and redirects to error page properties.

A common usage for Sharepoint is meeting room bookings.