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Stollen cam

Stollen cam-45

ARRI ALEXA PLUS CAMERA N° 31779 ACCESSORIES(finder etc..) ZEISS MASTER PRIME LENS 14MM N°8937875ZEISS MASTER PRIME LENS 18MM N°8935695ZEISS MASTER PRIME LENS 25MM N°8949024ZEISS MASTER PRIME LENS 35MM N° 8966290ZEISS MASTER PRIME LENS 50MM N° 8966301ZEISS MASTER PRIME LENS 75MM N° 9843739ZEISS MASTER PRIME LENS 100MM N° 8936339ZEISS MASTER PRIME LENS 150MM N° 8938754 ZOOM ANGENIEUX OPTIMO 24/290 N° 2053671ZOOM ANGENIEUX OPTIMO 28/340 N° 2075935Recently OFFHOLLYWOOD was the victim of fraud stolen by folks using identity theft. 18mm Arri Master Prime - Serial Number 8952845 35mm Arri Master Prime - Serial Number 8953840 50mm Arri Master Prime - Serial Number 8952498 75mm Arri Master Prime - Serial Number 8953215 100mm Arri Master Prime - Serial Number 8928040 30mm-80mm Arri / Fujinon Alura Zoom Serial Number 6370304Sony Alpha 7S Mark II Gehäuse schwarz / Geräte Nr. 50039022Zeiss EF-Mount for Compact Zoom 15-30mm Cooke Zoom 18-100mm PL / Geräte Nr. 50019544Zeiss EF-Mount for CP.2 18mm Zeiss CP.2 21mm / Geräte Nr. C02P117VG3QPDenz Support Plate for Canon C300/C500Akku Swit S-8U63 blau for FS-7Akku Swit S-8U63 blau for FS-7TV Logic HD-Monitor VFM-058TV Logic Akkufach BP-U for 058Arri Schwalbenschwanz/Schlitten Sachtler Touch & Go Plate 35RED Zoom 17-50mm T2.9 / Geräte Nr.

Stollen cam-31

1035Arri Amira Viewfinder Kabel kurz 50cm Arri Amira Viewfinder VAB-1 Bracket Arri Amira Viewfinder VFA-2 Adapter Arri Amira V. 1185Arri Amira BPA-3 Bridge Plate Adapter Arri Amira CFast2.0 reader San Disk Canon EOS 5D Mark III / Geräte Nr. Camera body sn.66011 Follow Focus FF41 Hi-Hat 150mm 1 Tripod Ronford HD 150mm Tall 1 Tripod Ronford HD 150mm Short 1 Fluidhead Sachtler 75 Plus 150mm 1 ARRI Mattebox MB14 (6x6) 1 Monitor HD Flat, 17" Panasonic BT-LH1700W 1 Lens Arri Master Prime 16mm T1.3 sn.8936901 1 Lens Arri Master Prime 21mm T1.3 sn.89389791 Lens Arri Master Prime 27mm T1.3 sn.89361341 Lens Arri Master Prime 32mm T1.3 sn.89392391 Lens Arri Master Prime 40mm T1.3 sn.89370641 Lens Arri Master Prime 50mm T1.3 sn.89401111 Lens Arri Master Prime 65mm T1.3 sn.89365301 Lens Arri Master Prime 100mm T1.3 sn.89371331 Zoom Lens Angenieux Optimo 24-290mm T2.8 sn.20104146 Battery Cinepower Mega HD-30v 1 Tiffen 6,6x6,6 ND 0,3 1 Tiffen 6,6x6,6 ND 0,6 1 Tiffen 6,6x6,6 ND 0,9 1 Tiffen 6,6x6,6 ND 1,2 1 Tiffen 6,6x6,6 Polarizer 2 REDMAG 1.8'' SSD 64GB 1 RED Station REDMAG 1.8'' SSD 1 Battery Charger Blueshape CVTR2 (V-Lock, 2-slot) 4 Battery Blueshape BV175 V-Lock Set of Canon K35 lenses were stolen in Tooting, London.50022661Zeiss EF-Mount for CP.2 35mm Zeiss CP.2 50mm / Geräte Nr. 5.0 S/N 000000037225 Schneider 4x5 True Polarizer Filter Mov Cam F5 Shoulder Kit Mov Cam Rosette Ext Arm Sony VCT-14 Tripod Plate S/N 2083029956 CAC-12 Mic Shock Mount Mov Cam VCT14 Plate S/N 303-1908 IKAN Articulating monitor arm Lectrosonics Battery Eliminator 4 Pin Hirosi power cable for Lectrosonics transmitter Strap Pin Set ELE LS Lens Support Thermodyne rugged camera case Sachtler Caddy tripod and fluid head S/N 1814966Sennheiser shotgun mic MKH416 P48Howard Leight Impact Sport Electronic Ear protection Nano Flash Unit/Cable kit S/N 0810302304Equipment stolen in the night of 11 to 12 october 2014 in the city of Högdalens RED Epic-X accessories serienummer: #06984, Gyro DJI Ronin, Objektiv Canon, Matte Box Bright Tangerine, Monitorer Small HD, Follow Focus O´Connor CFF-1, Golvstativ, Axelstativ m.m.50035648Zeiss EF-Mount for CP.2 50mm Zeiss CP.2 85mm / Geräte Nr. A set of Zeiss Super Speeds:18mm s/n: 708805425mm s/n: 683877135mm s/n: 662199650mm s/n: 661678885mm s/n: 6838453O'Connor 1030 fluid head s/n: 380348Sachtler Standard Tripod 100mm O'Connor "OBox" Matte Box 4x4/4x5 LSW and accessories138mm Diopter 1138mm Diopter 2set of lenses ZEISS COMPACT PRIMES CP.2 PL MOUNT (in matching PELICASE)°15mm T2.9 s/n 50001397°25mm T2.1 s/n 50007026°35mm T1.5 s/n 50034633°50mm T1.5 s/n 50027835°85mm T1.5 s/n 50030029CANON 5D MKIII SET (in transportbag Lowepro)Canon 5D mk III body s/n 083024003489Canon EF lens 16-35mm f2.8 USM II s/n 3505921Canon EF lens 24-70mm f2.8 USM s/n 9605532x Compact Flash memorycard SANDISK Extreme III (32GB)SONY PMW-F5 s/n 0120126VIEWFINDER OLED FOR F5 s/n 0102095CAMERA OUTFITTED WITH VOCAS SHOULDERRIG , w/ TOP HANDLE AND CHEESEPLATESGLOBALMEDIAPRO 4POS CHARGER2x GLOBALMEDIAPRO 230Wh BATT2x SWIT 190Wh BATTIn the USA, june 2014.Get all the benefits of Lookout Premium for 14 days with no credit card required!Have you ever had a phone stolen or caught someone looking at your phone? Premium users can now add a customized message of up to 300 characters to your Lookout Lock screen, so if your device is lost, you can help whoever finds it return it quickly.

English-speaking Lookout Premium users can access this feature by logging into from another smartphone or computer, clicking the “Missing Device Tab” and selecting “Lock”.

Protect Your Device From Prying Eyes Lock Cam is a free feature that notifies you if anyone tries to access your device, whether it has been stolen, or if someone else may be trying to take a peek when you’re not around.

Lock Cam takes a picture of anyone who enters an incorrect password three times into your Android lock screen with the front-facing camera on your device.

And remember, the best thing you can do to secure your device and data from intruders is to set up your device’s lock screen!

Help Lost Devices Return Home People lose a phone on average once per year, and many don’t get it back.

24-290mm Optimo Zoom s/n: 201719218mm Master Prime s/n: 892639325mm Master Prime s/n: 893469235mm Master Prime s/n: 892642650mm Master prime s/n: 892634475mm Master Prime s/n: 8926350100mm Master Prime s/n: 8942023Eccentric Ring, Handle, & Heden Motor Mount for 24-290 zoom1 pair of 24” 19mm iris rods Arri LS9 Studio Bridge s/n: 572324-290 Case Camera Accessory Solutions 24” Dovetail with attached 19mm iris rod support bracket6-Hole Master Prime lens case Angenieux Optimo 24-290 # 1588776Arri LS-9 # 3279Zeiss Ultraprime 16mm # 8859579Zeiss Ultraprime 24mm # 8852748Zeiss Ultraprime 32mm # 8852712Zeiss Ultraprime 40mm # 8871473Zeiss Ultraprime 50mm # 8852604Zeiss Ultraprime 85mm # 8852420Zeiss Ultraprime 100mm # 8909841Zeiss Ultraprime 135mm # 8860447 Date of Loss: December 22, 2016Location: Brisbane, QL Australia Details of the Incident: A fraudulent rental by an English company supposedly Fantasy Media Ltd., Anthony Mc Nay, the lenses were picked up by a Matthew Haines, they appeared to have valid credentials and we took a copy of the passport and drivers license of Matthew Dines who picked up the gear. 0030610Arri bridgeplate BP-8Arri bridgeplate BP-8Zeiss Compact Zoom 28-80mm PL-Mount / Geräte Nr.