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Accomodating the elderly counselors term paper

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Dr Mathew Mathews is a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Policy Studies.He leads the Society and Identity research cluster where he examines issues surrounding societal cohesion.

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During this time in a person’s life, dealing with psychological problems in not all that uncommon.However, it can be very difficult for family members to be there whenever their loved ones need them, no matter how much they wish they could be.‭Geriatric counselors, on the other hand, can provide the assistance that older adults need.His research includes those on race, religion, immigrant integration, family, ageing and poverty.Mathews is also interested in the impact of social programmes on societal concerns and has been involved in a number of evaluations on the usefulness of various government initiatives.Mathews has taught various courses relating to social policy and has published in a range of academic outlets.

He is currently on the editorial advisory board of the and has served on various government and non-governmental boards and communities.

Geriatric Counselors provide physical and psychological assessment services for older adults, along with counseling, direct care, treatment for mental health issues, and assistance with problems interfering with a senior's quality of life.

They often specialize in the identification and resolution of issues common to seniors residing in long term care and assisted living facilities, and work closely with staff responsible for providing skilled nursing care.

This may involve performing daily tasks such as managing the client’s money, shopping for groceries, or arranging for transportation.

A geriatric counselor will also usually help set older adults up with social service and assistance programs as well.

‭It is also often the responsibility of a geriatric counselor to keep abreast of his clients’ current situations.