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Are nat and rosalina actually dating

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At the concert, Bobby's band plays Nat's new song that he stole from Rosalina. The Naked Brothers Band plays Nat's new song "Girl Of My Dreams", dedicated to Rosalina and they then win the Battle of the Bands.20 October 2007The concept behind their new video shoot is that there are clones of all the band members that are taking over.

My brother's a drummer and I've always been jealous that he's such a good drummer.Alex's new found responsibility goes to his head, turning him into a tyrant, and making everybody resent him, including the dogs. Scoggins out on a real date, he panics and begs Nat to come with him.Nat is pressured into asking Rosalina to join them, which further complicates their already complex relationship.Nat decides to be a stand up comedian after he fears that no one thinks he is funny. 9 December 2007Dad goes away for an accordion convention, leaving the kids to have a weekend long slumber party with only Jesse to supervise.When the kids are faced with the ensuing mess, Cooper suggests they hire a maid to help with the clean up.Alex takes this idea to heart and becomes terrified that everyone around him is actually an alien clone.

15 March 2009Everybody is excited about the end of the year masquerade party at Amigos Middle School, which unfortunately coincides with the prom at Amigos High School.

6 October 2007After Nat' unsuccessful attempts to tell Rosalina the truth about Bobby, he and the band make fun of her and she quits.

She tells Bobby what happened, then throws away her music into the garbage, and when no one is looking, Bobby pilfers it.

Meanwhile, to the Timmerman Brothers' dismay, Jesse asks out the new downstairs neighbor, who is a foreigner.

Everybody, including Dad and Betty, end up in the same movie theater at the same horror film, where the Timmermans foil Jesse's date, Nat and Cooper achieve the "arm around yawn thing" with their respective dates, Alex is comforted at the scary parts by Juanita, and Jesse realizes that three really is enough.

Patrice Johnson, "the most popular freshman" is furious that Wade is going with Rosalina, and forces Nat into being her date.