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Carbon dating the torah

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Rabbi Freeman: Okay, the basic answer is quite simple: We can’t really figure out how old those bones are by examining them. Puzzled: But the scientists, they have all sorts of ways to figure these things out.At this rate, it would take this object this long to get from its original state to the state I find it in now.” But let’s say your clock didn’t always tick at the same speed. But counting their rings gets you another figure: About 5,700 years! But the results they turn up are not really facts—just evidence.

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Italian (scribe) Amadeo Spagnoletto explained to Italian media that it is not rare to discover ancient Torah scrolls, however, the Biella scroll is the oldest that is still kosher and used by a community.In 2013, the University of Bologna library carbon dated a Torah scroll to between 11 CE.University of Bologna Professor Mauro Perani explained how the scroll was obtained, saying, “It’s very possible that at some time it came into the possession of a monastery, was later taken to Paris after Napoleon suppressed the monastic and religious orders, and finally restored to Bologna after Napoleon’s collapse.” The Biella Torah scroll is due to return to its Italian home in a ceremony this upcoming Sunday. Scientists who study the past make estimates based on three major assumptions: Rabbi Freeman: (a) The basic conditions of our planet have stayed the same; Rabbi Freeman: (b) The history of our planet is directed by chance and the laws of nature; and Rabbi Freeman: (c) Dick Clark was always around. Rabbi Freeman: Well, it all depends on the assumptions you start with.Things don’t happen by chance—they happen because the One who runs this place wills them to happen.

Of course, He usually hides His hand in the glove of natural causes.

Rabbi Freeman: A big one: If you left some monkeys in a room with some paint and waited for something worth framing to come out of it, you would have to wait a long time.

(And let me tell you—the gorillas I hired to paint my house took forever! But everything begins with the assumptions you start with. Rabbi Freeman: Here are some sources for further reference: Yaacov Hanoka, “Torah, Science and Carbon 14”, B’or Ha Torah, Number 2, pg. Richard Milton, “Shattering the Myths of Darwinism”, Park Street Press, and “How Old is the Universe” from All names, places, and identifying information have been changed or deleted in order to protect the privacy of the questioners.

But if you look at the big picture, you’ll see it’s Him doing it.

Puzzled: What difference does that make for the dinosaur bones?

Let’s say there were much more cosmic rays bombarding the planet at one time. The same with any of the other changes I mentioned. If the facts turn out otherwise, we have to find some other way to explain our results. Rabbi Freeman: According to Torah, neither of these assumptions is true.