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Christian le blanc and greg rikaart dating

Hendrickson stated they were having "a blast" with the storyline, saying: "Money is usually a common issue between couples. He’s trying to do his best to take care of the family and morally, it just doesn’t sit well with her.Especially with what he’s been through in the past." Rikaart told On-Air On-Soaps that he and Hendrickson have discussed wanting the characters to break up, "We always say, 'We have done this. Now let’s play breaking up.' That will be different." they later listed the pair on their "10 Worst Soap Opera Couples of 2012".

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I think that what happened between her two great loves had damaged her so much, that I don’t think she was willing to accept the fact that this is possibly what love could be like." Of her crazy crush, De Garmo said: "Ooh, she wants him bad!Created by former head writers Kay Alden and John F.Smith, the character made his debut during the episode airing on July 11, 2003.They decided to start a website together, titled Tag NGrab.In 2013, Kevin and Chloe battle money struggles, causing him to commit crimes in order to obtain money.The meeting on the Internet, getting an STD, it was really great stuff." When asked why he is able to "tap into Kevin's vulnerability so well", Rikaart stated: "I think showing vulnerability gets me through the tough stuff that comes his way sometimes, where it’s like me as an ethical person might judge Kevin’s motives." Rikaart stated what he liked most about Kevin is "the push/pull that happens in his brain, where he is like, “I want to be a better person.

I want to be a good guy.” Then it’s really easy for him to get lured into some sort of underhanded stuff." In 2008, Kevin married Jana Hawkes (Emily O'Brien), and their pairing garnered a fan following.

Rikaart and Hendrickson later stated that their personal relationship influenced former head writer Maria Arena Bell to pair the characters.

Of Kevin's love and relationship with Chloe, Rikaart stated, "It came out of that sort of build of emotions that have been happening within him, that whether he realized it or not, has been going on for a long time already." Hendrickson added that she thought Chloe.

He stated: "This life that has always seemed so appealing to him - a beautiful wife, he owns his own business, and is respected in the community.

But he's had a moment to reflect and say, 'Wait a second, is that it?

Of their relationship, Rikaart stated: "Jana's very suspicious of Kevin and what he's done, and feels really bad about it.