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Chronic pain dating sites

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But the next morning I woke up with absolutely no pain and it was wonderful.

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But when you look at the scans of the majority of these patients, there is nothing wrong with their discs - it'll be the mechanics of the back, particularly the sacroiliac joints at the base of the spine, that are more likely to be the cause.By the time I had a check-up in September, I felt so much better - my back was more flexible than it had been in years.I can honestly say this operation has changed my life.This sort of lower back pain can be caused by a simple fall that yanks the ligaments and surrounding muscles, causing inflammation and making the joint less stable.It also causes the nerves in the back to go into overdrive.Mark Sappol had a pioneering new procedure which killed the nerves causing the pain. Ever since I was a child I've had a bad back, and over the years have tried everything to resolve it - physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths - although whatever I've done has only helped temporarily.

Towards the end of 2005, however, it became much worse.

I couldn't bend over to put on my socks and I'd get huge spasms and fall to the floor, unable to move until a doctor came to give me Valium.

By Christmas that year I'd developed sciatica, too.

After the jabs, which I had in November, my wife said it was the first time she'd been able to look at me without seeing the pain on my face.

Because that treatment went well, I had the surgery a month later.

Usually the nerves gather information from the environment and transmit this to the brain via the spinal cord.