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Dahling dating divas

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Topics like “Nobody Wants to Date a Control Freak” and “Booty Calls Leave You Loveless” take an almost existential look at the choices we make and why we make them.

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” and “UGHHH.” They also balance in plenty of positive and inspiring content like “If at First You Don’t Succeed…” and other triumphant stories.The content also extends into personal choices like concerns over liposuction and “segueing” back into dating.Does Valentine’s Day have you thinking that “love is a serious mental disease”? Many people have a lot of trouble letting go of a past love. But you need to ask yourself, why are you still attached. Being single and dating definitely messes with your mental health – but it doesn’t have to. The holidays are challenging when you’re single but you made it through and you’re ready to take on the dating world! Click to read why you should be online dating TODAY with some pro tips to help you succeed at online dating!! I’ve got some great tips for surviving being single during the holidays and avoiding your yearly pity party. Social Clout: 1,283 followers URL: Bragging Rights: talking about your goals A slightly-older perspective is offered from Walker Thornton, a divorcee who has learned about dating both before and after marriage.This Huffington Post writer shows how sex can be even better after 50, with content that is encouraging and funny.How favorite articles are “The Pseudo Ask Out” and the “Plight of the Gorgeous Gal.” Social Clout: 67 followers, 46 likes URL: Bragging Rights: your dating dilemmas resolved Nancy’s dating blog offers a strong, young voice for anyone looking for love.

With an extensive archive focused on finding the right person, she explores relevant topics like “5 Tips to Avoid Getting Played” and “How to Turn a Friend Into a Boyfriend.” She encourages not becoming your date’s therapist and spotting the red flags that signal relationship trouble. Social Clout: 22 followers URL: Bragging Rights: Internet dating two 20-somethings=disastrous From Roxy and Liz comes this wild and unapologetic look at learning from dating mistakes.

Her content is split between articles and her ongoing radio show, with full audio clips available.

She examines how to spot disrespect in a relationship and offers advice on avoiding online heartaches.

That is why , especially, post-breakup, many make some rookie dating mistakes.

Continue reading → There is definitely a certain stigma surrounding being single.

‘Having a housekeeper sounds terribly extravagant and, at a cost of £2,000 a month, it’s a huge expense.