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Dentist dating patient

His candid admission: "I was a dentist for years prior to my marriage.

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Some do, some frolic and some live happily ever after.The cookies contain no personally identifiable information and have no effect once you leave the Medscape site.Most professions have ethics boards with codes for how to treat customers.I hope you understand that regardless of your answer, I cannot continue to treat you, because things could get awkward".Assuming you are a male dentist and she is a female patient, this puts you in a good position all around:- you are confident enough to state that you are attracted to her- you have a plan of action to address it, regardless of her response- you told her you were going to ask her on a date.For information on The Wealthy Dentist, contact Jim Du Molin at 415-435-2818.

If your cute-and-single dentist asks you out for dinner next Friday, say yes.

But a dentist should not date patients." For some, there's a fairytale ending Yet both male and female dentists report marrying patients. The best years of my life." And one woman writes, "Only once and I married him!

Boasts a Wisconsin dentist, "She's beautiful, brilliant, tall and blonde. " For this New Jersey dentist, though, it turned out to be more than he bargained for.

One told me, ' Hey, dentists are a dime a dozen, but new boyfriends don't grow on trees.' Today, after 15 years of marriage, I still treat many of my former girlfriends, their children and also their husbands." Dentistry can be frisky business Observes Jim Du Molin, dental management consultant and president of The Wealthy Dentist, "I see it all the time. I've heard horror stories over the years on how romances went wrong… I think it's a case of ' You never know.' To me, it looks like the responding male dentists are… The responding female dentists seem more practical and sensible to the pluses and minuses of doctor-patient romances. You be the judge." For more on this dental survey and other Wealthy Dentist surveys on topics such as dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, dentures, and much more, visit

The Wealthy Dentist is a dental practice management company featuring dental consulting expert Jim Du Molin.

The more intimate the practice, the more strict the codes.