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Double your dating cocky and funny

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And after working on it, testing it, refining it, and studying the finer points about women, men, and the whole "mating process" did I begin to really understand how well this worked. It's obvious that you're making fun of her, but it's not exactly clear what you mean. So here's the formula again: When you're in a situation with a woman, say things that are both Cocky & Funny.When you communicate like this, you communicate: 1. Let's say you're talking to a woman, and she says "Here, let me buy this round of drinks".

Most men have no idea that this mechanism exists or how to trigger it, so they do traditional "nice guy" things like buying dinners, gifts, and flowers... and calling them all the time (which usually have the OPPOSITE of the desired effect when used too much, and too early on). ...which, of course, are all qualities that lead to a woman feeling ATTRACTION.Eben (David De Angelo) no longer actively manages, runs seminars or produces new content for Double Your Dating.He has formally moved on to new interests leaving the running of Double Your Dating to management he has put in place there.Double Your Dating (also known as "DYD") was the second dating company to appear in the market (after Ross Jeffries' Speed Seduction).Today it is the largest dating company with a wide range of products.You might respond by saying "Look, don't think that just because you buy me a drink that I'm going to go home with you. Or maybe she mentions that she just started working as a waitress...

and you say "Well, that's a deal breaker for me, because I need a woman who makes enough to support the both of us so I can pursue my life-long goal of being a house husband".

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Over the past 3 days I've been teaching the Double Your Dating LIVE! And, of course, I always learn so much by teaching and interacting with a great group of guys. One of the things that we talked over and discussed a lot was the idea of why women feel ATTRACTION for some men while NOT feeling it for others (even though the men that a woman feels ATTRACTION for might not be good choices for her because they're abusive, etc.).

Where men focus more on LOOKS, women focus more on PERSONALITY, SELF ESTEEM, POWER, and several other more "intangible" qualities. And by watching a lot of guys who are VERY good at attracting women, I've noticed a common pattern.

Most of these guys use a common way of communicating with women that communicates the above qualities WITHOUT ACTUALLY HAVING TO SAY THAT THEY HAVE THEM.

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