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The tale of Daniel was a favorite in the Middle Ages, often represented in miracle plays. Katherine is an English form of the name of a saint martyred at Alexandria in 307.

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The altered short form Bob is very common, but Hob and Dob, which were common in the Middle Ages and gave rise to surnames, are extinct.In Britain, James is a royal name associated with the Scottish house of Stewart: James I of Scotland, a patron of the arts and an energetic ruler. Jerome derives from elements meaning “drop of the sea’” (Latin “stilla maris").Mary was the name of the Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus Christ, who has been an extremely common name among early Christians and several saints among them.According to the Book of Genesis, she was originally called Sarai (possibly meaning "contentious" in Hebrew) but had her name changed by God to the more auspicious Sarah "princess" in token of a greater blessing.23) Daniel Biblical name meaning "God is my judge" in Hebrew.At singles2za you will find the same kind of online dating system that you will find at other well known South African dating sites where you would pay anything from R100 to a couple of hundred rands per month.

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3) John Form of the Hebrew name Johanan “God is gracious.” The name is of great importance in early Christianity and was given to John the Baptist, John the Apostle, and the author of the fourth gospel.

Many saints and a total of 23 popes also had the name.

4) Patricia Feminine form of Patricius or Patrick, the apostle and patron saint of Ireland (c.389–461), Gaelic Pádraig.

As a young man he was captured and enslaved by raiders from Ireland.

We have listed these meanings and origins for the 100 most popular names in the U. 1) James English form of the name in the New Testament of two of Christ’s disciples, James son of Zebedee and James son of Alphaeus.