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What worked at 25 is what will work at 35, 45, 55 and beyond — you just need to remember that you truly are a catch!READ: How to Tell If You're Dating a Narcissist Read on for nine priceless tips that will help you stay positive in the dating game. Don't Fall Victim to Scarcity Thinking There is an abundance of single men your age, and they are easily accessible on Tinder, e Harmony, and even IRL (In Real Life).

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Who wants to sit around, hearing about why him and his wife didn’t get along, when you could be out having a real relationship with someone only focused on you?Many are actively looking to get married or remarried, so make sure they can find you.Browse for singles events in your area, and get online with a dating profile. As an over-40 womann you have the great pleasure of dating men who are also 40-plus.There's nothing wrong with falling in love with a divorcee, but getting involved with a divorced man isn't the same thing as dating a "separated" man.Being separated can mean a host of things: he’s in the process of getting divorced; he and his wife are seeing other people; he and his wife don’t live together; or they’re just staying together for the kids.“His divorce drama is problem, not yours” says Barnes.

While she doesn’t condone it, Ruskin says yes — under one circumstance: "Divorces can drag out for reasons beyond one’s control.

When you fall in love with a married man, you may convince yourself that it’ll all work out, but it rarely ever will.

“If you have known each other for less than six months, you don’t really love him: You only in the process of leaving his wife, it’s an obvious sign there were problems in the marriage.

“A woman of substance and self-respect would not enter into this type of relationship.

A man knows that a quality woman wouldn’t get involved in such a flawed relationship, either,” says Ruskin.

But no matter how you may justify dating a man who is "separated," the bottom line is that he's still married.