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The second guy was everything I hated about humans personified.

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Just remember your safe word ;) Back in November I was over in LA for a week.Jordi Sinclair this year launched Smudged Lipstick, an alternative events company which aims to get people to put down their phones, look up and engage in something a little different. All the men and women were the really great, intelligent and good looking kind you’d hope to meet, and no one was forced to speak to anyone they didn’t want to - because let’s face it, you know as soon as you walk into a room who you do and don’t initially fancy.Jordi quit his job to pursue this venture, and despite being the new kid on the block, he’s done astoundingly well, hosting over 20 events since the start of the summer involving everything from Dirty Scrabble, to Jenga dating and Life Drawing. The next event is happening just next week, and i’ll 100% be there.Ann Summers have also be working hard on their Moregasm Contour collection. The ladies at AS really know how to make pretty sex toys that can sit on your bedside table without causing any blushes.The toys are designed to fit around the curves of your body and the exclusive motor generates low frequency waves which travel deeper and further through your body to reach 15,000 nerve endings…twice as many as any other vibrator on the market. If you’re one of the millions expected to swoon over Jamie Dornan and wet the seats of cinemas all over the world this week, then this 50 Shades inspired stuff is what you need.He had wonderful charisma and charm, and although I didn’t detect any romantic interest on his part, I was instantly drawn to him. He took me out for a drink that night, and before we knew it, one drink turned into several drinks, a stop for some Mexican street food and cocktails in a roof top bar. Something quite awful happened on a date at the start of November, and since then, I haven’t really felt like dating at all, or even writing about it. I couldn’t help but feel this year had been a failure due to a lack of any meaningful connections I’d made with men, which is just pathetic. It forces you to reflect, and tricks you into thinking you should have ticked a million things off of some kind of magical ‘to do’ list. This time last year, I urged anyone feeling sad about being single at Christmas to stop.

As Friday hit, I passed him again on the way to lunch…”Happy Friday” he said, “Any plans for the weekend? He invited me to his beach cabin in Malibu so I could fall asleep listening to the ocean, but I’m cynical and was slightly terrified at being in the middle of nowhere with a virtual stranger, so I said no. So, cross your fingers for me, and here’s to hoping I need to get out there for work again soon. I moved house, to a bloody lovely one at that (obviously rented), started a new job, where they were impressed enough with me to fly me out to their LA head office and I spent an incredible month travelling around India. To be merry and drink and eat too much and laugh and dance and celebrate everything remotely fabulous, so once again i’ll do the same.

He had to be up early for a meeting, so the date ended pretty early, but he’d booked a taxi to drop me home, stopping at his first. When things don’t work out with a guy, I never put too much thought into it, but this one bothered me. I adore wonderful underwear and if you follow me on Twitter you’ll know I enjoy a sex toy or two, so, thankfully Ann Summers was on hand to help me have fun with the person I love most (me) this Valentine’s Day.

I think it was the build up, and how intimate it had seemed on NYE. Their clothing collection has massively stepped up a notch or two in the last year or so, and this Belize Body is literally perfect.

I literally gave up even trying to speak to him at this point.

Luckily, I’d happened across someone IRL earlier that week. I figured the worst he could say was no, and I literally had nothing to lose.

Do come along, it’s Pool and Ping Pong at Proud East. They’re going to have loads of pool tables and table tennis tables on hand for you to use whilst getting to know lots of fun, like-minded people, plus – there’ll be some great food and drinks specials as well – 2 pints for £8 (that’s basically ‘Up North’ prices).