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Noel fielding is dating

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‘It was all so weird because I’m not drinking at the moment [he has an uneasy relationship with booze due to Gilbert’s syndrome, an inherited condition that gives heavy drinkers jaundice] and I’m trying to write a new live show, so I had a cup of tea before going on at Glastonbury and had to get a cab home afterwards.’ He grins.‘Four hours alone with a driver who didn’t speak English, me pumped full of adrenaline thinking, “I literally don't know what to do.” ’It gradually becomes clear that he’s not entirely at home in his skin at the moment.

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Yes, Fielding is a big lad with a broken nose and you don’t walk around his hometown of Croydon dressed as he does unless you can handle yourself, but he’s also shy and thoughtful.But he turned down Hollywood: ‘When we went to America, Robin Williams came to the gig, and Mike Myers had lunch with us and wanted to write a film for us. I think we were just sick of each other at that point.When you get famous it takes some time to realise it isn’t going to be good.’He pauses and it’s as if he’s drifted off, style, into a weird alternate universe that turned out to be his real life. ‘I was on tour and you can’t imagine the adrenaline after coming off stage at The O2.After reading an upbeat review of The shyness may be down to his upbringing.His parents were just 18 when they had him and tried to live the boho dream of the 1970s while raising their infant son.I haven’t got anything on anyway…” ’Seven years later, after plugging away at underground gigs, found its way on to BBC Three and everything went crazy.

Fielding was a comedy deity; he partied with Russell Brand, Courtney Love and Kimberly Stewart, toured the UK playing Wembley and The O2 and earned a ton of cash.

The whole scene is such a mid-Noughties idea of London cool that I fall into an intimidated silence and watch for a minute or two, until Fielding turns to me with a wide grin and, in cheery Cockney tones, says: ‘All right! But it’s a brand of offbeat wackiness that has been bubbling through the roots of our national comedy family tree as far back as the Pythons, the Goons, even Tristram Shandy. At Bill Bailey’s request, he first stood in as a team captain in 2009 and achieved a record for the highest team score ever on the show.

He’s since done a further four series and will return in the next, on BBC Two in the autumn.

It wasn’t until art college in Croydon that he came out of himself, performing strange art routines while dressed as Jesus and firing off a water pistol filled with holy water. Working the circuit in 1997, he watched his future co-star Julian Barratt deliver a chaotic set and was instantly smitten.

‘He gave me a lift home, asked for a coffee and I said, “You must know if you come in, you can never leave,” and he said, “Fine.

But Fielding isn’t strictly speaking a stand-up, he’s an artist.