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Ps2 san andreas dating tips

These are the final missions you complete before you are kicked out of Los Santos. Reuniting the Families: You’re driving to the meet with the other gang families when the Police suddenly arrive. Because the shotgun spreads you can get several on one shot. Turns out Ryder and Smoke are in bed with the enemy.

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These missions are designed to prepare you for the game.Afterwards, you can also save your game at Catalina’s hide-out.Drive safely and use the main roads until you know the lay of the land.Manoeuvre past the small propane tanks so you don’t drive over them, get the car to its destination and activate the bomb-timer.Again, don’t stop to shoot guards, just run like hell for the exit. Make your way carefully to the gates and blast the guards. Take out any remaining guards then make it up the ramp between the cargo crates.These missions are activated at Mike Toreno’s ranch outside San Fierro. The Casino Heist Missions are voluntary just like Zero’s Missions in San Fierro and don’t need to be completed in order to progress the story. This is a one-of mission you have to complete before finishing the final story mission. Jack the pickup full of cardboard boxes and drive it to the spot.

There’s a save-point outside: You can start the missions in Las Venturas after completing the first few A. Follow Madd Dogg’s moves on the edge and try to align the truck so he’ll land on the boxes.

In order to access this mission you have to complete all of Catalina’s and Cesar’s missions. : You have to smuggle the weed to San Fierro, but narcs attack The Truth’s little green village. All you need to do is hold down fire and strafe – letting the fires consume the plants.

Don’t worry about the glass casing, the plants will catch fire and the case will break on its own.

Take out the SWAT members on the chopper then blast it with whatever gun you have. Run around the back and take out the Ballas one at a time.

After the chopper goes down its time for the final leg of the mission, the chase. You’re now blasting at cops with an AK in first person view. At some point the motorcycle cops will try to jump on your car. Be careful because more back up will show up in vans.

The missions are therefore listed here in order from easiest to hardest.