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Ronaldinho dating

In this context, the beautiful woman becomes just another status symbol, like a car of the year.

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The businesswoman Gilmara dos Reis, 24, also didn’t hide how the world of soccer fame and wealth can shape, or release, her desire.Neide said that she would not pursue a black man if he were just her neighbor and not a famous player.She goes on to elaborate on what she would do if “a black person approaches” her. Neide is a lawyer (advogada), a prestigious occupation in Brazil and in the world, thus I would assume that she lives in a middle class or above neighborhood.The article below (from 2010) portrays an important dynamic that attracts white female soccer fans to black athletes: money.There are a few issues I have with the researcher’s conclusions about race, money and relationships, but first read the article and come to your own conclusion.If she has a black neighbor that would signify that this person also has the financial means to live in such a neighborhood.

Thus if she would reject him if he were her neighbor and he has a similar socioeconomic profile, this would mean that she is rejecting him simply based on his race.

When she goes to the stadiums, she leaves her “branquinho (little white)” boyfriend and doesn’t take her eyes off the muscular legs of the players with black skin. But if there is so much fascination with the body of the black man on the field, why not look for them outside the stadium? If he weren’t a player, I’d stay with my branquinho (little white guy) back home.” Leda insists: “What mediates the relationship is the status of the player, and not their color or their race.

Whatever may be a decisive factor in the amorous choices is no longer important within the world of soccer.” The researcher studied the figure of the “Maria Chuteiras (groupies or gold diggers of soccer players)” in opposition to the rise of the figure of the female fan.

And unravels the moment in which the soccer player emerges as an object of female desire.

It was in the 1920s that the figure of the athletic man replaced the slight figure and unsmiling man of the letters who once provoked girls’ fantasies.

Ronaldinho is the father of a son, João, born on 25 February 2005 to Brazilian dancer Janaína Mendes and named after his late father.