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Updating blackberry version

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If you’ve used Airdroid for Android, you’re going to love Black Berry Blend, which offers a similar experience for your BB.You simply need to install the Black Berry Blend application for your computer (download it here), run it, sign in with your Black Berry ID and pair your device.

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Once we look beyond the visual changes, there are several small new features in this update.You can find locations, search the phone or the web and even start conversations using it.I tested it by sending a text message and it worked perfectly fine – the speech recognition was accurate and it was smarter than your typical voice command software.The dialer, the contacts app, the file manager, everything looks sleek and the new visual changes are uniform.They are however, most evident in the hub, which is now much more manageable and appealing.Snap now is "pay what you want" model, where you can support the developer by paying for Snap.

Snap is still free, but exclusive early access is granted to paying customers.

There are new settings for the display as well, including the option to change the color of the virtual keyboard from black to white (for the Z10 for instance).

The Battery Saving Mode also gives you more control over what you wish to turn off when the mode is activated to save more juice.

The camera software has also been updated in 10.3.1, and now has dedicated capture buttons (as opposed to tapping the screen for snapping pics).

There are new settings available as well, including an HDR mode, selfie timer and the option to keep work and personal photos separate.

Once this is done, you can access all your messages, e-mails, events, contacts and files via your PC.