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Updating slideshow links

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Top of Page When the source workbook and the destination workbook are open on the same computer, links are updated automatically.

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If you choose to not update links, and not to prompt, users of the workbook will not know that the data is out of date.Unlike updating links between 2 separate Excel files, I seem to gain no benefit from having either Excel v1/v2 file open when I want to update links in Power Point.So I need to find out: -Is there a better way of updating linked Excel files within Power Point so that when I save new versions of Excel file it links to the new Excel file?After opening the workbook, on the Data tab, in the Connections group, click Edit Links, and then update the links only from the sources that you need.Top of Page You can answer the startup prompt in a consistent way, and avoid seeing the startup prompt for this workbook.Thanks very much for any help you can offer Kind regards James Hi The way I would do it, if there is only one Excel source book that is being linked into Powerpoint, is to name that Excel workbook as something like "data Master.xlsx" for Powerpoint purposes, and keep separate copies of the file for version control like..

"data Master V1a.xlsx", "data Master V1b.xlsx", ..., "data Master V1h.xlsx" etc, or even..

Second question is the best way of updating these links.

I currently do this by clicking within Power Point on File\Info and then "Edit Links to Files".

Hi I am having issues with updating links in Power Ppoint to Excel tables/charts. When setting up the link I am using Paste Special - Paste link - Microsoft Excel Worksheet Object.

I have checked and in the link the option is ticked to update automatically.

"data [email protected]", "data [email protected]", ..., "data [email protected]" etc.