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Validating a wsdl

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It has a C# and a Java version - today we will use the C# one but using the Java is similar.Step 2 - Extract the tool Just extract the zip to some folder Step 3 - Configure the test Copy wsi-test-tools\cs\samples\analyzer to wsi-test-tools\cs\bin and open it with a text editor.

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Step 3 is handled by the WSDL validator and any extension namespace validators (more on extensions below).WSI is the web services interoperability organization and it has defined the WSDL "basic profile" - a set of best practice recommendations for WSDLs.They have also published a tool that can tell you if your WSDL confirms to this profile and today I'll show you how to use it.I've tried some of the custom validation stuff and other solutions to likewise problems in this forum, but I couldn't get the functionality working.Because of my lack of experience in XML and so (and English isn't my first language), I'll post an example below to show the type of files we're using and the errors that we're hoping Oxygen can detect:test.wsdl: Now, in the above schema file, there are also more imports and stuff from other xsd-files, I've cut a lot of stuff out of there, but all of that was correct.Also take the value of the "name" element and put it in the "wsdl Element" element value.

So the "wsdl Element" configuration may look like: Step 5 - Analyze the results The wsi-test-tools\cs\bin folder now contains a file Update: Wsi Hero is A GUI utility to validate Wsdl / Soap using the latest WSI profile.

However when the WSDL file is analyzed using the "WSDL SOAP Analyser" toolbar action and you select an operation in the dialog which makes use of the message you should receive an error in the dialog specifying that the element referred by the message could not be referred.

I added an improvement request to our internal list to enhance the validation capability offered for WSDL files and we will notify you of the progress.

Update: Wsi Hero is A GUI utility to validate Wsdl / Soap using the latest WSI profile.

Step 1 - Download the WSI test tool Go to the downloads page in the WSI site and download "Interoperability Testing Tools 1.1".

And if so, what would I need to do to get the type of validation that XMLSpy does offer.