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While updating iphone i unplugged it

while updating iphone i unplugged it-63

What does error 9 imply and what triggers it to occur?

while updating iphone i unplugged it-15while updating iphone i unplugged it-78

I have also received error 1604, and 1600 previously...... please keep all cables away from small children, pets, wives, and loose limbs, where accidental un-plugging can occur during upgrading...... while I still have energy to depress the Power Button.... I guess the problem that I am having is I am not able to turn the phone off while it is plugged in (USB) to the computer. As soon as the phone is plugged in it displays the "i Tunes/USB" logo on the screen.If I hold the off button on the phone, the phone will shut off, I will release the button, and several seconds later the Silver apple appears for about a second, and then it reverts back to the "i Tunes/USB" logo (I believe this is called Recovery Mode). The cable was yanked out of the i Phone during the first stage of the silver "Progress Bar" doing its installation with Redsnow during the Pwned DFU process of its restoration. Is there any other options for me to try, or what course of action, less returning the phone to Apple do I have.It will eventually return to this "i Tunes/USB" logo even if I 1. Thank you Very Much to anyone that has any suggestions!These are suggestions posted on relevant forums in response to i Phone owners having problems restoring and updating i Phones and prompted with this error 9 on i Tunes.Note: Though it’s not a hundred percent guarantee that these solutions might work for you, it wouldn’t hurt if you’d give any of them a try before you consider buying a new one.The problem addressed in this post is on an i Tunes error 9, which occurs while performing firmware update or restoring the #Apple i Phone 6 (#i Phone6) via i Tunes.

The workarounds I’ve compiled below are comprised of user-defined fixes shared by other i Phone owners through forum postings as well as standard troubleshooting procedures recommended by Apple support to deal with similar i Tunes problem.

As described in the Apple support page, this error has something to do with a problem with the USB connection to your device that is causing it to unexpectedly disconnect when syncing.

Error 9 is often associated with a message prompt saying, Recommended Workarounds/Solutions to i Tunes error 9 Below are available workarounds you can try on to deal with error 9 on your i Phone 6 before setting up an appointment with an Apple Genius or procure a new phone.

When I connect one of my many i OS devices to a computer for synchronization purposes, I have i Tunes running.

In the i Tunes left-hand area, I see an eject button to the right of the device's name.

Now I cannot restore the i Phone to the firmware 5.0.1 that I was originally installing. I am not good with Tiny Umbrella, but could this come into play here to restore my original Baseband?