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Who is alexis fields dating

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She has been dating Police Commissioner Mac Scorpio.

She fakes dissociative identity disorder to avoid jail time, while Ned is given custody of Kristina.Alexis falls in love with Ned Ashton, but marries Jasper "Jax" Jacks as part of a convoluted plan to help her best friend Chloe Morgan save her company.Chloe eventually loses her company, and Alexis and Jax divorce.Alexis Fields is an American actress, sister to Kim Fields and daughter of Chip Fields.She was known for sitcoms as a guest star such on Roc, Moesha, Sister, Sister, and Kenan & Kel during the '90s.She and Sonny bonded over their mutually complicated relationships and their affection for troubled teen Zander Smith.

Sonny went on to save her life, when she, Zander, Sonny and Emily Quartermaine were attacked by a rival mafia family. Alexis is able to get Sonny to reverse the decision, and Sonny realizes how much Alexis means to him.

She reluctantly accepts Ned's proposal, and the two plan a massive wedding.

However, her doubts get the better of her, and she leaves a devastated Ned at the altar.

Alexis Davis is a fictional character on the popular ABC soap opera, General Hospital. She is the daughter of Mikkos Cassadine and Kristin Bergman.

She is also the mother of Sam Mc Call, Kristina Davis and Molly Lansing.

Helena and her half-brother Stavros Cassadine torment her, but her other half-brother Stefan Cassadine (who believes that she is indeed his cousin) protects her, gaining her loyalty.