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They never officially retired so they have been constantly quizzed about it.“We’re probably the most annoying story in Canadian sports saying we don’t know what’s next,” Moir, the 27-year-old from Ilderton, said, “but we’re being honest.

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But now, I understand how much pride there is in following someone who is passionate about something and giving back.“There hasn’t been much time to look back,” Virtue said. We’ve been focused on other things like the show circuit.” Though veteran ice dancers are capable of coaching themselves, Virtue and Moir don’t see that as a possibility for them. “You need four or five sets of eyes to begin with and when you’re into it, there is a lot of emotion, pressure and tension. It would be interesting to see where we would end up.We’re close with a lot of the Canadian teams that came before us. “But we would be looking for a coaching team, for sure, if we were to come back.” They built their “Stars” programs with the help of former Canadian ice dancers Marie-France Dubreuil and Patrice Lauzon and competitor-turned-choreographer Jeff Buttle. “We went to Montreal and Toronto to work with them,” Virtue said, “but most of our training this year, we were on the ice by ourselves in Komoka, Ilderton or at Western Fair.A blog dedicated to the beautiful partnership of ice dancers Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir because, without them, ice dance would not be the sport that it is today.With their unparalleled artistry, exquisite body lines, incredible expression, fierce athleticism, and seemingly effortless grace, Tessa and Scott have revolutionized the sport of ice dance over the eighteen years that they have been skating together.That would give them one full campaign of Grand Prix and world competition before the 2018 Olympics set for Pyeongchang, Korea. “We’re not coming back unless it’s to become Olympic champions again. You’ll see in the next eight months or so getting into better shape than I was at the (last) Games so I’m ready to pounce if that’s an option.

“There’s no way it’ll be me being fat and out of shape holding us back.” This isn’t about avenging a defeat or lingering doubt over past performances.

They routinely call their last Olympic experience in Russia — where they finished second to Americans Meryl Davis and Charlie White last year — a highlight of their careers.

“This is not an unfinished business thing,” Moir said.

“A lot of sacrifices were made for us year to year.

I want to help give kids in Ilderton, London, Ontario and Canada the opportunity we had.” Perhaps one of the best ways would be to show them what’s left in their competitive tank.

Patrick Chan has jumped back into figure skating’s competitive realm.