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Who is sissy spacek dating

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But Spacek’s incredibly malleable personality could run, in the course of several minutes, from innocent tomboy to savvy young businesswoman.In the next two and half years, her story would turn into one of Sissy Spacek holding out.

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It seemed a flippant statement from such an insatiable acting talent.By age nine, she and Robbie had formed a Charleston and banjo duo that was popular around their hometown of Quitman, Texas.By her early teens, Sissy had saved enough baby-sitting money for an expensive twelve-string guitar; for years she carried it around with her like a trophy.”), or being called Space-chick in school, or the time her football player boyfriend asked for his ring back but Sissy made him cut it off.“Things like that,” she told me almost seriously, “made me what I am today. I felt like my whole life was headed in a single direction.When we return to the Florida coast, the Rayburns will be struggling to conceal their actions from Season 1 and the unthinkable crime that took place.

As peculiar strangers from Danny's (Ben Mendelsohn) past surface with a dangerous agenda, law enforcement will get closer and closer to the truth behind Danny's murder and paranoia will set in and replace the days of a friendly, peaceful family balance.

Seventeen-year-old Sissy asked her parents if she could spend a few days in Manhattan with cousin Rip Torn and his wife, Geraldine Page. “We let her go,” Ed Spacek told me, “because she would be staying with Rip and Geraldine, and because she needed to get out from under the weight of Robbie’s sickness. Robbie made a point of telling her not to change, and I don’t think she ever did.” She stayed two months.

A lot of parents make the mistake of cutting off their children’s drive. Young Sissy Spacek in Manhattan for the summer of ’67 must have been a sight to see. I was a blank page.” There is a story about the time Rip and Geraldine took the blank page to meet Terry Southern, who was working on the screenplay for him that I was.

Everything was always going to happen in a certain way. “Then something happened to blow the air out of everthing.” Robbie came down with acute leukemia.

I was going to go the University of Texas at Austin, like my brother Robbie, get involved with music and maybe be a female Buddy Holly. Unable to attend classes, he returned home from the university and got steadily sicker.

You know, you always build up to your senior year; it’s supposed to be a big deal.